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AMR Technologies for Basic Radio Frequency based Solution

AMR Technologies for Basic Radio Frequency based Solution

What is AMR technology? Automatic Meter Reading is automatically collecting consumption, diagnostic, and status data from water meter devices and transferring that  data to a central database for billing, troubleshooting, and analyzing.

AMR technologies include  Touch base AMR, Radio frequency (RF) based AMR having Walk-by, Drive by and Fixed network system. There are different AMR systems as well which utilise GSM & GPRS based data transfer technologies.

Touch based AMR requires Meter reader carries a data collection device with a wand or probe. The device automatically collects the readings from a meter by touching or placing the read probe in close proximity to a reading coil enclosed in the touchpad.

Radio Frequency (RF) based AMR is the basic walk-by AMR system. This technology is commonly used in handheld devices system, mobility systems and fixed network systems. These systems can be use in two manners. These RF systems are two-way communication based and one-way communication based systems.
                               RF based meter reading usually eliminates the need for the meter reader to enter the property or home, or to locate and open an underground meter pit.
                        In handheld AMR, a meter reader carries a handheld computer with a built-in or attached receiver/transceiver (radio frequency) to collect meter readings from an AMR meter. This is referred to as "walk-by“ meter reading.

  • Mobile or "drive-by" meter reading   
    Reading device is installed in a vehicle. The meter reader drives the vehicle while the reading device automatically collects the meter readings.

                                                             This is a method where a network is permanently installed to capture meter readings. This method can consist of a series of antennas, towers, collectors, repeaters, or other permanently installed infrastructure to collect transmissions of meter readings from AMR meters and get the data to a central computer without a person in the field to collect it.
                                                             The GSM based meters use ‘SIM CARD’ to transmit the readings to a mobile or a central unit, by sending SMS.


  • Accurate meter reading, no estimates.
  • Increased efficiencies, outage detection, tamper notification and reduced labor cost as a result of automating reads.
  • Improved & flexible billing cycles.
  • Accurate Profile Classes and Measurement Classes. Thus, true costs applied.
  • Water Management through profile data graphs.
  • Less financial burden correcting mistakes.
  • Less accrued expenditure.
  • Transparency of “cost to read” metering
  • Meters are tamperproof & with anti-magnetic properties.
  • Meters shall be fitted with wireless remote trans-receivers for AMR reading
  • The dial reading of the water meter and recorded remote reading, is always match exactly
  • Meters and trans-receivers  have IP68 protection Class & are  tested for submergence for 48 hours in 3 meter water column
  • AMR readings show the date and time of the reading recorded
  • Remote readings of all meters shall be obtained with single command, in a range
  • The AMR meters shall have data storage & retrieval facility, various alarms & reverse flow indication

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