Friday, April 19, 2013

Advance technologies for Water Meters

GSM/GPRS solution Features :-  

Realizing the challenges that water providers are facing when managing their large consumers:
Revenue Protection
  •  Real-time alerts
    • Don’t wait until the next customer visit to discover major issues resulting in escalating revenue loss such as meter blockage or abnormal consumption
    • GSM/GPRS solution offers 24/7 monitoring of large consumers with SMS alerts directly sent on the cell phone of the person in charge 
  • Meter optimization
    •  Water meters must be properly selected and sized to record the full amount of consumed water, and remain so for the remainder of their years of service
    • GSM/GPRS solution offers dynamic analysis of the actual water usage profile with the water meter performance curve.
    •       It provides graphical interpretation of watermeter efficiency, as well as clear alarms if the meter type and size are no longer appropriate
      • over-sized meter
      • under-sized meter
      • meter flow range capability not wide enough, etc…

Customer satisfaction
  • Detailed consumption information
    • Large industrial and commercial customers demand more frequent and deeper information about the way they use water
    • With GSM/GPRS solution, water providers can offer their clients
      • immediate notification in case of leakages.
      • granulated consumption information that can be communicated on invoices or using web portals
      • consumption consolidation for several meters belonging to a single account
      • consumption benchmark with a reference profile based on historical values or on other clients of the same category or of the same area

  • High-security locations
    • Sensitive Industrial or Commercial customers, such as chemical plants, food industries, airports, military sites, etc…, are reluctant to grant frequent access to their premises.
    •  GSM/GPRS solution offers remote access to the meter information from the utility office at any time and as often as needed

Operations efficiency 
  • Water network efficiency
    • With GSM/GPRS solution,  water providers can collate hourly or daily water volumes collected from all main network meters and consumption meters, and calculate network efficiency indicators precisely for each district metered area.
  • Energy savings
    • Incentives given to large consumers that accept to shift their water consumption out of peak hours can reduce energy expenditures.
    •  With the hourly meter reads provided by GSM/GPRS solution  the billing system can create tariff structures based on actual Time-Of-Use 
  • Peak shaving
    • High peak flows during short periods of time generate temporary network pressure drops and lead to an over-sized infrastructure the rest of the time

With GSM/GPRS solution, water providers can detect and measure the exact volume consumption above or below flow-rate thresholds contractually defined with their large consumer.

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